From Graduates of Our Programs:

"I have more stability now than I ever dreamed possible. I am clean."


Detoxification Program


Clean and Sober

drug freeHow many times have you or your friend on drugs promised to get clean and sober? Simply staying away from drugs for a week or two is not enough to become clean and sober.


Drugs are essentially poisons. The body has to deal with these poisons in drugs and the process creates new toxins.


For example: 24 hours after a night of heavy drinking, most if not all the alcohol is gone from the body, but the washed out, hangover feeling is not.   This is due to a large degree to the toxins left behind from the process of ridding the blood of all the alcohol.  Also, alcoholic drinks contain certain impurities called congeners which can be toxic. Typical symptoms of hangover include nausea, ringing in the ears, headache, increased heart rate, insomnia excessive thirst, anxiety, unsteadiness, sweating and shakiness.


Called metabolites, these toxins are not so easily disposed of and the drinker can actually have a build up of these poisons to a point at which they’re a constant reminder or trigger which can manifest itself as uncontrollable urges to drink, days, weeks, months or even years of not consuming any alcohol.  


Other drugs can lodge in the body and be even harder to remove.  THC, the psycho-active chemical in marijuana is a perfect example. 


Tetra-hydro-cannabinol, THC, is a fat soluble toxin and as such, enters very easily into the fatty tissues of the brain.   At the same time, it can invade every fatty tissue of the body, to be stored for long periods.  


Later, when the body is under stress, either from problems or heavy exercise, the THC can dislodge and literally go back into action in the brain, causing a reminder of the high, and thus, trigger a relapse to marijuana.   


So a week or two off drugs is not, Clean and Sober.   It may be mostly sober, but is definitely not clean. Not without a throrugh detox.


The answer is the Narconon New-Life Detoxification program.  

Detoxification Program

The detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard is aimed at mobilizing and eliminating foreign compounds, especially those stored in the fat. Components include: 

a) Exercise, preferably running, to stimulate circulation and enhance the turnover of fats.

(b) Prescribed periods in a low temperature sauna to promote sweating.

(c) An exact regimen of vitamin, mineral, and oil intake. Niacin in gradually increasing doses is used to transiently increase fat mobilization. Oil supplementation both reduces enterohepatic recirculation and promotes the exchange of fat. Vitamin and mineral supplements are included to replace vitamins, minerals and electrolytes lost during increased sweating and to correct any nutritional deficiencies.

(d) Sufficient liquids to offset the loss of body fluids through sweating.

(e) A regular diet including plenty of fresh vegetables.

(f) A properly ordered personal schedule which provides the person with the normally required amount of sleep.


Clients are on this program up to 5 hours per day, every day, until program completion. Daily aerobic exercise is followed by frequent periods in a low-heat (60-80 C) sauna. Niacin is administered immediately prior to the exercise and sauna to assist with the mobilization and elimination process. The program is pursued individually until a stable clinical improvement is achieved, generally from 4 to 28 days.


Independence From Drugs  

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