From Graduates of Our Programs:

"I love being drug-free!!!"

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About Addiction
  Signs of drug use in children
  The Cost of Drug Addiction to Society
  The Cost of Drug Addiction to the Addict
  Children and Spouses of the Addict
  Red Flags
  Good and Bad About Addiction
  Hitting the Rx Bottle
  Are Prescription Drugs the New Gateway Drugs?
  Donít Try to Reason with Drug Addiction
  The Importance of Getting Detox Rehab Treatment NOW
  From Parents and Spouses
"We have our son back!"
    An Inspiring Story for the Drug Addict's Family
    I thought this was an impossible situation
  Program Graduates
Here are some personal success stories from indiv...
    I fought a losing battle
    My name is Kevin
    Chris's Success Story
    Eric's Success Story
    GR's Success Story
Drug Information
  Opiates and Prescription Painkillers
Quickly Becoming the Biggest Drug Problem
    Vicodin Abuse and Addiction
    Opioid Dependence
    Prescription Drug Addiction
    Two Personal Stories of Methadone Withdrawal:
Damaging and well marketed, ecstasy continues to b...
    MDMA (Ecstasy) Information
    Ecstasy and the Brain
    Truth About Ecstasy
Quickly addictive and extremely damaging, Meth is ...
    What is Methamphetamine?
    Meth Trends
    Who is Using Methamphetamine?
    Effects of Methamphetamine
    Preventing Methamphetamine Use...
    Methamphetamine in California
    The Crystal Trap
Addictive and often deadly, heroin likely holds th...
    Heroin Information
    Cheese Heroin
  Cocaine and Crack
Addicts end up degraded, demoralized and barely ab...
    Street Names for Crack Cocaine
    Cocaine Facts
Some people believe that because drugs are basical...
    Commonly Abused Inhalants
    Huffing Damage
The second leading killer of all drugs, second onl...
     Alcohol Addiction
LSD, poisonous mushrooms, peyote cactus and a host...
    LSD Incredibly Potent and Unpredictable
    The Truth About LSD
    Magic Mushrooms
  Marijuana Information
Although use of "weed" is sharply declining, it is...
    Marijuana Facts
    Marijuana Addiction Treatment
    Medical Marijuana
  Drug Glossary
    A through M
    N through Z
    Glossary References
Strategies to Avoid Relapse
  Strategy One: Control Your Environment
  Strategy Two: Fill the Gigantic Hole Left by Drug Addiction
  Strategy Three: How to Keep the Urges at Bay
  Strategy Four: Donít Go Back to Old Behavior Patterns
  Strategy Five: Keep Your Own Integrity
  VIDEO---Detox For Meth and Meth Cops in Utah
Getting treatment
  How to Tell if Someone is Abusing Drugs
    How to tell if a person is on methamphetamine.
    How to tell if a person is using heroin.
    How to tell if a person is on cocaine.
    How to tell if a person using marijuana.
    Getting Into Treatment
  How to Get Help
     What Does It Take to Beat Addiction?
    Now is the Time
    Salvage Your Future
Get Help Now
About Our Centers
  Tours of the Facilities
Here is where you'll see all the great centers we ...
    Centers in the Western United States
    Centers in the Eastern United States
    Pictures of the Narconon Centers
  The Narconon Centers
    How Our Programs are Different
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  Rehab News
What's Happening in the Area of Treatment
    Dallas Health Warns of Dangers of Cheese Heroin
What's new in the rehab arena
    Tucson Marijuana Seizure
    Welcome to Independence From Drugs
    Detoxification Program
  Drug Rehab Weblinks
Rehab links
    Families Anonymous
    The Drug Enforcement Administration
    Marijuana Anonymous
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    Mothers Against Drug Driving
  Drug Prevention & Education
    Alcohol Treatment Referral Hotline
    The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
    DARE America
    Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
    American Council for Drug Education
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