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My name is Kevin


My name is Kevin and I am 19 years old. Ever since I was 11, I have been drinking and using drugs.


When I was 12, I did cocaine for the first time, at age 13 I was snorting heroin, and at 15, sticking needles in my arm. In the two years prior to coming to Narconon of Northern California, I had been through 6 rehab and treatment centers. After all that time, money and effort trying to get clean and sober, I couldn't. I always wound up where I was before, or even worse off.


All I have ever wanted to do is get clean and lead a normal and productive life. In late March 2003, I went to yet another rehab facility, but was forced to leave due to insurance complications. By 6:30 p.m. that evening, I was high again and gave up hope. I lost all control, did things I won't mention, segregated myself from the world, and wanted nothing more for myself than death. When I didn't think that things could get worse...they did. I was arrested 3 times in one week, the last arrest for Grand Theft Auto. I will never forget the pain that followed.

While detoxing in county jail, my parents came to see me, and they told me that they had found a "different" type of rehab program. I was released from jail and came to Narconon of Northern California on April 27, 2003.


My parents were right, it was a different type of program. It wasn't a 12 step, like the many I had failed with in the past. In the first phase of the program, I learned how to confront, control and communicate, which were things I never knew how to do until then. After that I started the New Life Detoxification Program where I sweat out drug residuals. It was an amazing process filled with ups and downs, but when I finished, I felt like a new person.


For the first time in 8 years, I felt drug free which I thought could only be a thought, and never reality. The latter part of the program allowed me to write up things that I was afraid to tell people, all the bad and deceitful thing I had ever done, and show them to another person. As of now, I have no skeletons in the closet anymore. I have nothing to hide anymore!


I also learned how to spot harmful people that I don't want to be around, and how to handle them so they can't bring me down. When I did the final part of my program, it was amazing. I never thought that I would be able to repair the things that I have done, but with the help of everyone here, I was able to start fixing my past and look into my future.


The three months that I spent here were worth more than I could ever put into words. The Narconon Program isn't easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Without having gone through this program, I probably wouldn't be alive today.



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