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I fought a losing battle

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I’ve had the finest drug treatment money could buy.

I fought a losing battle. 

It has taught me many things. It has taught me about probation and jails, it has shown me the inside of prison twice, and how it feels to be treated like I was less than human. It has taken me to the funerals of seven of my best friends, where I had the opportunity to witness the pain of a mother who lost a son too soon, a father who will never again hear the sound of his child’s voice, and a mother with two sons and no father to help raise them. I have given my parents the intense feeling of anguish at finding their son OD’d in their own home; the list goes on, a major part of my life today is a legacy of pain and remorse, my own and that of those whose lives I have touched.

I first got clean in 1988 and in my first treatment center I was told that one in ten addicts who make it to treatment live. I vowed then to be that one and for the last eleven years I fought a losing battle. It is a miracle that I stand before you today. For those of you who don’t know, and are using, let me tell you it is a life and death struggle that you are in.

For those of you who have had enough pain, I suggest that you grab hold of this program with both hands and don’t let go until you wring every bit of knowledge and information out of it that you can. It’s been said that nothing worthwhile is easy. I have done the hard part already. I have gained certainty that I was going to die or spend my life in prison by trying to “use successfully”.

I have more stability now than I ever dreamed possible. I am clean. I never imagined actually knowing I wouldn’t use drugs again.

I want to talk about the staff. It is hard for me to put into words my gratitude to the staff - how do you thank someone who has saved your life? And not just mine, but who have dedicated their own lives to helping others to live happy, productive lives. Words are not enough. I will forever spread the word about Narconon Arrowhead and the people who absolutely perform miracles every day.

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