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"I am clean. I never imagined actually knowing I wouldn’t use drugs again."

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I thought this was an impossible situation

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  "I handed you a drug addict, and you handed me back my daughter."

"This is the "thank you" I meant to write you long ago. It is from both Alicia & I. One fine day, many years ago, you met us at LAX airport. That was the beginning of the end of Alicia's drug abuse. You took one scared, addicted teenager, and guided her through a process that saved her. You said to me if Alicia stays here and participates in this program, she will never need another drug-rehab again. You were so kind, so positive, explaining the Narconon Program, reassuring me there was always hope. When Narconon told me of all the drugs Alicia used -- heroin, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, uppers, downers, Ritalin, Special K and most at the same time, I thought this was an impossible situation.

Remember when she ran away and you went out after her? Above and beyond! I know she was a tough one to have around all that time, after all, I lived with her all those years. She kept messing up, she was always on "Ethics" with Pat! You told me she only knew how to self-destruct and self-sabotage. She never experienced success, so this was the only road she knew. You all were trying to show her another road to travel. How about how long it took her to graduate!

When I finally flew to Narconon for her graduation, the room was filled with well-wishers. If Alicia could graduate, anyone could. She thinks so highly of you, all of you at Narconon. She lives by what you taught her.

She resides and works in Santa Barbara. She is going to college there. She is a straight A student and does not use drugs! She is so happy she is still smart and did not fry her brains! So Larry, I am eternally grateful to you and Narconon, for all the wonderful work you do.

For I handed you a drug addict, and you handed me back my daughter."


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