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Strategy Two: Fill the Gigantic Hole Left by Drug Addiction


Addiction to a drug or to alcohol is an all-consuming compulsion, one which demands attention, almost to the exclusion of all else. It can be a full-time job for the addict. Getting drugs or alcohol and consuming them, then being stoned or drunk occupies a large portion of their time.


In the case of drugs such as heroin or cocaine, using is definitely a morning to night occupation. The addict will wake up and look to see how much drug there is for that day’s consumption. If the supply is low, the planning of how to get more of the drug takes up the morning’s activities. Faked prescriptions, phone calls to borrow money, scams, and other methods of getting the price of drugs together is always first on the to-do list.  


A professional, a regular father or mother with an addiction to prescription drugs must spend huge amounts of time and energy getting, using, and then hiding their activities.


Removing the drug addiction has the magnificent benefit of the return of all that attention and time. Freeing up the actions and the communication feels wonderful. All the feelings of guilt and shame begin to heal and the future is wide open. 


Strategy 2


Now, you had better get busy and use that new free time!


The first few months off of drugs is a very delicate period for anyone. The urges can come often and sometimes hard. Thoughts of using will be occurring at the most inopportune times.  What’s the old expression? “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”  Free time is NOT a good thing right now. A new project, a hobby or plunging into work with a vengeance can make this period go by faster and much easier. Everyday you stay off drugs brings you closer to the time when your addiction is just a memory.


You might not feel like doing anything at all, but you need to pour the effort into it and get your but up and make something happen. Being drug-free is great, even if it doesn’t feel so great yet. But it isn’t worth much if you don’t actually go out and accomplish something, something that you can be proud of. A little overwork could be a good thing to take your mind off drugs.


The pull of addiction will be much less if your attention is fully outward and you are focused on something that you are doing that is worthwhile. Remember, you have a life to rebuild and you can’t rebuild it when you’re sitting around, trying to resist. You are actually intensifying the urges by wallowing in your cravings. The sooner you let those go, the sooner they will begin to let up. 

That is having an abstinence strategy!

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