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How to tell if a person using marijuana.

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The dried leaves, flower tops and stems of the Cannabis Sativa plant, AKA, marijuana, Mary Jane, pot, ganja, hemp, weed and a host of other names, is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States today.  Its use is on the decline according to national surveys such as National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, (NHSDA), but the numbers of young people using is still far too many to tolerate. 


Marijuana Plants

When first using, there may be few noticeable changes in the individual.  Even in the initial stages of marijuana abuse, though, there are some indicators that, added up, can point the finger right to the dope smoking. 


Some short term effects of marijuana use:


  • Bloodshot eyes and use of eye drops
  • Short term memory is impaired, forgetful of recent events
  • Signs of drugs and drug paraphernalia, including: rolling papers, pipes and cigarette lighters
  • Giddiness and giggles for no real reason that may be hard to stop
  • Incense or some other ‘de-odorizer’ used extensively to cover up the smell of the drug
  • Clothing and other related paraphernalia that promotes the use of the drug
  • Scales and sandwich baggies for weighing and distributing the drug


Long term use effects can include:


  • Amotivational Syndrome
  • Lack of interest in things that were once important
  • Poor hygiene and unkempt appearance
  • Lowered achievement in school or work without much concern
  • Social withdraw and centering on a small circle of similar friends
  • Attitude changes and confrontational stance when challenged
  • Defensive about any of the above
  • General apathy



If you suspect someone you know is using marijuana, the wrong thing to do about it is nothing. Smoking marijuana is unhealthy and can be highly psychologically addictive.


It is also illegal. 


We have people by the phones now. Call and talk to someone about what’s happening.  Our experienced staff can help you help yourself or anyone you know to start on the road to sobriety and recovery.


Drug Independence                (888) 966-3784


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