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How to tell if a person is on cocaine.

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Cocaine’s effects are intense and brief. There is an initial ‘rush’ of pleasure followed by a slow, then rapid comedown which can be unpleasant. During the high there is a feeling of extra energy euphoria. Users feel more intelligent, wittier and able to mix with others easily.


There may be a perception that work is easier and more interesting and more is accomplished in the same amount of time. 

At the same time energy levels seem improved, appetites are suppressed, so weight loss can occur. Users often claim to feel more at ease and self-confident while on cocaine. 

Crack Cocaine
Crack Cocaine


As the drug wears off these feelings begin to disappear and be replaced by an increased irritability and displeasure that can increase for hours. A desire to return to the feelings of confidence and power leads to more cocaine use. 

Look for these changes in mood and activity as indications of drug use, particularly cocaine and other “uppers”.


Below are some common indications that a person is using cocaine. Any of these can occur without any drugs being involved. The more symptoms present, the greater the chance that drugs are involved, primarily cocaine with this set of signs.


Cocaine Powder
Cocaine Powder

Signs and symptoms of cocaine use

  1. Increase in heart rate
  2. Bloodshot eyes
  3. Frequent nose-bleeds
  4. Chills or hot flashes
  5. Sudden weight-loss
  6. Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  7. Changes in friends
  8. Dishonesty
  9. Stealing from family or friends
  10. Spending more time away from home
  11. Missing for days at a time
  12. Not showing up for appointments, school or work, especially if this is a change
  13. Rapid speech
  14. Paranoia
  15. Quick to anger
  16. Not spending time with the family when home, hiding in their bedroom
  17. Unusually long hours at work, well into the night


If you suspect someone you know is using cocaine, the wrong thing to do about it is nothing. Cocaine in one of the most rapidly addicting drugs and the longer they use, the tougher it is to stop.


We have people by the phones now. Call and talk to someone about what’s happening.  Our experienced staff can help you help yourself or anyone you know to start on the road to sobriety and recovery.


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