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What Does It Take to Beat Addiction?

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Can You Stop on Your Own?

Many experts believe that Addiction is permanent and that an addicted person may stop using but it is unavoidable that they will use again in the future.  Everyday at Narconon we prove this to be false. 


Greater than 70% of our graduates remain Drug-free.   But it doesn’t happen without work.  Saying, “I’m through with drugs” is a definitely a start, but there were many things that the addict did to become addicted and there are definite things that need to be done to come back out of the addiction too. 


Making the decision to stop is one of them, but by itself, the decision will rarely be enough.  Call today and speak to a counselor at the Narconon Program.  What you learn just may save your life. 


Toll Free: 888-9NO-DRUGS or 888-966-3784


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