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Oxycodone is a powerful opioid (opium-like pain killer)  that has a high potential of causing dependence. This and similar drugs called opioids, (drugs similar to the drug opium or it's derivatives in activity), have been used for over 70 years in Europe where they were known to be highly addictive and weren’t popular until more recently.


The pain killing properties of Oxycodone coupled with lessoned alterations in mood in comparison to morphine and some other opioids makes it useful as an analgesic.  


Oxycodone bottles
Prescription Opioid

But there are still some of the euphoric effects of heroin and morphine. This and the relatively easy availability of oxycodone make abuse and dependence a problem. 


Oxycodone and similar drugs have been problematic in North America for decades.  One of the most common drugs of choice among addicts in rehab centers today is oxycodone. Like heroin, dependence and addiction to this drug can develop rapidly and is the main concern when prescribed. 


Illegal trafficking of this and other opioids is lucrative and on the increase. Addiction and withdrawal are similar to those of heroin and sometimes in our centers the differences are nearly unnoticeable. 


As with any addictive drug, Oxycodone dependence and addiction is progressive. Waiting to see if the problem will “go away” is folly and any delay makes the eventual process of withdrawal and rehabilitation more difficult and threatens the likelihood of successful recover.


Call (888) 966-3784 and speak to a counselor.  There is no charge for the call and it could be the turning point for your loved-one or yourself.


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