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Who is Using Methamphetamine?

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Populations using methamphetamine...
  • Traditionally associated with white, male, blue-collar workers, is now reportedly being used by diverse groups in all regions of the country.
  • Use is increasing among men who have sex with men and use other drugs, making this population more vulnerable to contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS.
  • Young adults who attend "raves" or private clubs also are increasingly using methamphetamine.
  • Include notable increases among homeless and runaway youth.
  • Increasing use of methamphetamine is reported among male and female commercial sex workers who also trade sex for drugs and among members of motorcycle gangs.

  • Also, people in occupations (such as long-haul truckers) that demand long hours, mental alertness, and physical endurance, have been using this drug at increased rates.

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