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Cheese Heroin

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A new drug called cheese heroin has become an epidemic in the Dallas, Texas area. It’s cheap, easily available, and has become particularly popular among younger teens and pre-teens. Unfortunately cheese heroin can also be deadly. Twenty-one cheese heroin deaths have been reported in the Dallas area since the drug first started gaining popularity in 2005.Image


Cheese heroin is a mixture of black tar heroin and an over the counter cold medication, usually Tylenol PM. Black tar heroin is a form of heroin produced primarily in Mexico and typically known for its lower purity and cheaper price.


In cheese heroin, black tar heroin is mixed with a crushed cold medicine containing the analgesic, acetaminophen, plus diphenhydramine, which is an antihistamine, sedative, and hypnotic. The result is a crumbly beige powder that may have been named for its resemblance to grated parmesan cheese. The user snorts the powder through a straw or ballpoint pen.


Cheese Heroin The mixture is commonly wrapped in a scrap of notebook paper and sold for as little as $2 a hit. A full gram of cheese heroin can go for as little as $10. The low price is apparently what is attracting the younger and younger kids. Cheese heroin deaths have been reported in children as young as 12.


What makes the drug so dangerous is a combination of several factors. It combines heroin, which is a highly addictive depressant, with other drugs that also slow the nervous system. In high dosages or in combination with other depressants, such as alcohol, the effect can be fatal.


Also, the analgesic, acetaminophen can cause serious liver damage, and with high dosages or prolonged use, can be fatal all by itself. Diphenhydramine, the third drug in the combination, can cause hallucinations, delirium and confusion.


Repeated usage of Cheese heroin can quickly result in addiction. The drug is also referred to as “starter heroin” since it can start a heroin addiction leading to other more expensive forms.


Cheese heroin is an ugly new twist in adolescent drug use, that’s targeting the youngest population. The important thing is to educate the kids early so they understand the reality before they make a mistake that could be fatal.

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