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Cocaine Facts

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Some quick facts about Cocaine and Crack use.


Cocaine Powder
Slang names for Cocaine:

Nose candy, snowball, blow, snow, coke, base (smokable), bazooka, nose, toot.

Cocaine comes in different forms:

White crystalline powder.    "Crack" or "rock" looks like white or off white rocks

Cocaine users:

Cocaine ranks second on the list of the most used drugs in the US.

Over the age of twelve years, ten percent of Americans have at least tried cocaine once, crack, about 2 percent and less than one percent are current users. 

How does cocaine get to the United States?

The world supply of cocaine is controlled by well organized Columbian drug cartels and most of the product that reaches America comes over the Mexican/American border. 

Cocaine Razor


What are some consequences of cocaine use?

Because most users sniff cocaine through their noses, there are many nasal and sinus diseases that are coincident to cocaine abuse.  Damage occurs to the mucous membrane on both sides of the cartilage that separates the nostrils.   This results in perforation, crusty holes forming in the cartilage along with drying, nosebleeds and foul secretions.


Anxiety, confusion, dizziness, headache, nausea and psychosis are symptomatic with long term cocaine use along with cold sweats, tremors, twitching and paranoia.  



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