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Cocaine and Crack
Addicts end up degraded, demoralized and barely able to function.
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Street Names for Crack Cocaine
Cocaine Facts
  • Opiates and Prescription Painkillers  ( 5 items )
    Quickly Becoming the Biggest Drug Problem
  • Ecstasy  ( 3 items )
    Damaging and well marketed, ecstasy continues to be a problem.
  • Methamphetamine  ( 7 items )
    Quickly addictive and extremely damaging, Meth is taking lives every day
  • Heroin  ( 2 items )
    Addictive and often deadly, heroin likely holds the record for ruining more lives than any other illegal drug.
  • Inhalants  ( 3 items )
    Some people believe that because drugs are basically poisons, that poisons are also basically drugs. This is a mistake that can kill instantly.
  • Alcohol  ( 1 items )
    The second leading killer of all drugs, second only to tobacco, alcohol abuse and addiction is also the gateway to other drugs of abuse.
  • Hallucinogens  ( 3 items )
    LSD, poisonous mushrooms, peyote cactus and a host of other very toxic substances make up the most dangerous group of drugs, the hallucinogens.
  • Marijuana Information  ( 3 items )
    Although use of "weed" is sharply declining, it is still the the most widely abused illegal drug. Any use is abuse.
  • Drug Glossary  ( 3 items )
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