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Alcohol Addiction

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Understanding the Key to Successful Rehabilitation      

 Alcohol Addiction: Understanding the Key to Successful Rehabilitation    

Alcohol Addiction is one of the oldest addictions known to man.

A study conducted in 2002 by the University of Amsterdam and the Leiden University concluded that even one drink impairs a person’s ability to function normally.

You can imagine the destruction to an individual suffering from alcohol addiction!

Alcoholism is Two Problems, Not Just One

 Alcohol addiction may be a physical and/or an emotional dependence, but it is not some mysterious brain disease.

Similar to other addictions, a person suffering from alcoholism started drinking to solve some perceived problem or problems in his or her life.

The continued use of the Drug to combat perceived problems is what leads to alcohol dependence and addiction.

Eventually, alcohol addiction itself becomes an even greater problem than the original problem or problems alcohol was supposed to solve.

The result is that now the alcoholic has two problems:

        * The original underlying problem, possibly now forgotten

        * The new problem--alcohol addiction (alcoholism).

Successful Rehabilitation Solves Both Problems

Many people think that alcoholics lack self-control or self-discipline, and that simply getting them somehow to stop drinking will solve the addiction problem.

In fact, quitting drinking is only one of the problems. The alcoholic became an alcohol addict to solve some other problem or problems.

Correctly easing the alcoholic off alcohol is of course a necessary step, but that solves only one of the problems, and by itself can often be at best a temporary solution.

Helping the alcoholic to discover or rediscover the original problem or problems, and to overcome these with real-life solutions is an essential component of almost all successful rehabilitations.

By equipping an addict with the tools and life skills to surpass common obstacles encountered by people on a daily basis is integral to beating addiction in the long term!


Only when both the drinking problem and the underlying reasons for it are solved can an alcoholic become a happy, healthy and productive member of society.

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