From Graduates of Our Programs:

"I am clean. I never imagined actually knowing I wouldn’t use drugs again."


9 Secrets to Helping Your Drug Addicted Family Member

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Drug addiction can nearly drive a person over the edge—and we're not even talking

about the addict.

"My son's been in and out of rehab. He's afflicted," says one mother,

who's all but lost hope. "My worst nightmare hasn't yet come true, but that it's there

and looming puts a constant lump in my throat," a worried sister says.


Whether you're a mother, sister, father, brother, cousin, uncle, grandparent or other

relation to an addict, the terrifying roller coaster of emotions you experience can

sometimes make you wonder if the ride will ever end—and who has it worse.


Here are nine "secrets" to consider that will help you arrive once and for all at a more

stable place. Completed by your family member as part of a comprehensive rehab

program, these proven and effective actions won't remain secret for long:


1. Drug-free withdrawal works—you can get assistance for your family member to cease current drug use rapidly. Minimal discomfort through proper nutrition, vitamins and care from experienced staff make the difference. With a 70 percent success rate, The

Narconon Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Program is most

effective in this regard.

2. Extrovert them—it's tremendously therapeutic. With precise and effective drills, an

addict can stably increase their ability to communicate with others and get into more

thorough communication with the environment around them. The Therapeutic

Training Routine® Course from Narconon specifically addresses this vital process.

3. Even when they appear to be gone, the drugs are hiding—inside the body's fatty

tissues. If you stand any faintest chance of fully eradicating an addict's cravings, you

must get the drugs completely out. With a precise regimen of exercise, sauna and

nutritional supplements that rid the fatty tissues in the body of drug residues and other

accumulated toxins, The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program® ensures

that the addict's inner-most desire for drugs is dislodged and flushed out for good.

4. "They never seem to learn"—so help them learn how to actually learn. The

Learning Improvement® Course gives your family member, as a student, the ability

to study and retain knowledge by recognizing and overcoming the barriers to study and


5. Once upon a time you "had" them—so get them "back". To do this, you would have to find a way to increase their ability to be in better communication with the world, to handle life and to take responsibility for helping others. With The Communication &

Perception® Course delivered by Narconon, they do just that.

6. Increase their stability and happiness—even just a little bit. The Ups & Downs in

Life® Course gives the necessary knowledge to achieve greater personal stability and

happiness in life. Imagine your family member now able to spot the difference between

truly good guys and actually bad ones—without the necessity of your guidance—and to

wisely choose solid friends and associates.

7. Help them discover their own true values. The Personal Values & Integrity®

Course gives the knowledge necessary to determine one’s own values and achieve high

personal integrity and honesty; it shows how to correct self-destructive actions by

ridding oneself of past harmful deeds.

8. Point your family member to the steps that lead out of the trap. The Changing

Conditions in Life® Course uses the ethics technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard

to apply exact steps that improve conditions in life and repair previous bad conditions.

9. Give them the roadmap to a happier trip. The Way To Happiness® Course

teaches the student a secular moral code as a guide to living a happy life—exactly what

they always wanted, but oh, brother! did they take the long way around.

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