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How Our Programs are Different

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How our Drug Detox and Rehab program differs from others


Drug detox and rehab programs differ in many ways.  One of the main differences between the Narconon drug detox and rehab program and most others is that an individual who comes into this program comes out more empowered than restrained.


Most centers look at what’s wrong with the individual and spend all their time stopping that wrong behavior. At the Narconon center we take what is RIGHT with the person and strengthen that. 


We don’t take a drug addict and just work on the drug habit. We don’t put the focus on changing the bad or wrong behaviors, and trying to alter the way this broken person is behaving. It’s not about asking the person to restrain him or herself for the rest of their days. 


Spending too much time looking at, working on, concentrating on the addiction tends to strengthen the addiction, not the person.  This is why group “rap sessions” usually end up making the addict feel more like using again.


Often, the user fears the withdrawal. The pain and suffering that occurs when the substance is removed from their life is a huge deterrent to quitting.  The Narconon program works on strengthening the person both physically and mentally to help him or her through the withdrawal. No substitute drugs are used, so when the person completes withdrawal, he or she is off drugs for real.


But that’s only the first step. An addict will be left in a very delicate condition when the drugs are first removed. The thing we help him realize is that it’s all about his own power of choice. There are no locks on the doors at Narconon. People are there willingly, and we work with them to encourage and strengthen their willingness and power of choice.


To stay off drugs it is necessary to have your attention outward, toward goals and life.  The Narconon program focuses on strengthening the former addicts’ abilities, and helping them find or rekindle their real goals and purposes in life. By actually strengthening the individual, we not only handle the need for drugs, but we enable the person to go out and succeed in life.


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