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Red Flags


The following is a list of changes in behavior or appearance that are symptomatic of various stages of drug addiction.
  1. Hyperactivity; excessive talking.
  2. Inexplicable changes in overall attitude / personality.
  3. Old friends rejected and most time spent with new friends
  4. Change in activities; loss of interest in things that were important before.
  5. Drop in school or work performance; increased absences.
  6. Changes in habits at home; loss of interest in family and family activities.
  7. Energy levels seem low, motivation is lacking and former goals neglected.
  8. Defensive and accusatory.  
  9. Unexplained moodiness, irritability, or nervousness.
  10. Drastic changes in appearance. Disdain for “normal” dress.  
  11. Paranoia -- suspiciousness.
  12. Raid increase in weight or decrease in weight. 
  13. Locks on door.  Loudly asserts his or her right to privacy.
  14. Dishonesty; legal problems.
  15. Spends money and there is nothing to show for it. 
  16. Wears long sleeves even in hot weather.
  17. More slovenly in appearance and poor personal hygiene.

Independence From Drugs

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