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Hitting the Rx Bottle

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Some people are hitting the bottle too hard. But it’s not the whiskey bottle or the beer bottle, it’s the prescription pill bottle


With the ballooning marketing and sales of prescription drug, there’s been a concurrent rise in prescription drug abuse and dependence.


Prescription Medications
Source DEA
Often this is a different population than what you normally expect in the drug addiction scene. These people may be ordinary working citizens, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers—normal in every way, except they’re addicted to opiates from the pharmacy.


Along with this has come the illegal trafficking of legal prescription drugs. Again, it may be a different population. The drug dealers in these cases may not be hardened career criminals; sometimes they're just kids getting pharmaceuticals from the medicine cabinets at home.


Abuse of prescription drugs such as sedatives and painkillers can be as damaging as taking street drugs. It’s been found to lead to memory loss, dependence, brain damage, rape, and even death. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports the number of teens misusing sedatives has nearly doubled over the last decade; a survey revealed that one out of 14 high school seniors admitted to taking sedatives without a prescription.

Vicodin pills
Prescription painkillers


Drugs are drugs, and when they’re abused they can be addicting and even deadly. If you or someone you know has fallen into the trap of prescription drug addiction, realize that this is real drug addiction. It isn’t made easier or less damaging by that fact that it started with a legitimate doctor’s prescription rather than a secret deal with the pusher on the corner.


The Narconon program helps people out of prescription drug addiction the same way it helps get addicts off of street drugs. Though the circumstances and situations may be very different, the core common denominator of drug abuse responds to the same principles. The program is designed to help the individual deal with the reality of the drug addiction and create a new future without the drug.




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