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The Importance of Getting Detox Rehab Treatment NOW

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With drug or alcohol addiction, every day that passes while the addict keeps using makes their recovery longer and more difficult. Waiting only prolongs the inevitable.  Detox rehab treatment for addiction in very time-sensitive!  Procrastination is a deadly disease.  This is never truer than with drug or alcohol addiction.  How many times have you heard the addicted person say, “I’m not addicted!” or “I’ll stop if it becomes a problem.”


There are thousands of people out there who need drug rehabilitation.   Many of them “aren’t ready to get help”, or they’re “not that bad”.  


This is what makes addiction the most insidious and deadly trap of all. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is progressive. Every day that treatment is postponed, the problem increases. This is true for dependence and addiction to any drug or alcohol. It becomes more difficult to stop with each binge, each high and every “extra” pill.


You have heard about the progressive nature of drug or alcohol addiction and it couldn’t be truer. The factors that create that urge to use are intensifying with every relapse while the user’s ability to think clearly with regards to the abused substance decreases. Before long, getting through the day or through the weekend without using is a struggle.


But soon, it will become nearly impossible to make it without the substance to which the drug addict or alcoholic is addicted. It makes no difference which addictive drug or drink is being used.


It is often said that when the addict can no longer make it throughout a full day without their drug or drink that they have now become addicted. But this is dangerously misleading.  The truth is that their addiction has been there, progressing with each use and becoming more and more difficult to resist each time.


From the first feeling of yearning, from the very first anxious anticipation of getting drunk or stoned, the addiction has been growing. It is simply a matter of how far has it grown.


When the addicted person reaches the point where control is no longer possible is the point when most people begin to think about getting help.

This is like waiting for an infection to spread to the point of being life threatening before cleaning the wound and using antiseptic or an anti-biotic.


The time to treat addiction is now, with a thorough detox rehab program that treats not only the physical addiction but the mental and emotional addictions as well.


Waiting only decreases the chances of success. Don’t wait until the infection has spread throughout the body, fix the problem and fix it completely, the first time.


Tony Bylsma 

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