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Good and Bad About Addiction

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The bad news about addiction is, you’re responsible. Good news is, you’re responsible.


It may seem comforting to hear that addiction is not your fault. But don't be too quick to shed the blame. 


Your only way out of the trap of drug addiction is through greater responsibility. Giving that responsibility over to the the drug makes you powerless to overcome what you have created. 


You DID created the addiction. And you can un-create it. Simple. This is not always a popular concept, but it should be. 


Responsible means:  “Answerable or accountable, as for something within one's power, control, or management.” 


This is not to say that a heroin addict or an alcoholic can suddenly say, “Okay, that’s enough, I will not use anymore.”, and achieve sobriety without help. But it does mean that the continued use of heroin IS UNDER THE ADDICT’S CONTROL.  


The choice to seek treatment is always an option.  And there are many ways to receive help with an addiction problem. The sooner that help is sought, the sooner the problem can begin to resolve.  


Our intake counselors are experienced and know what you’re going through. Waiting will not make the call easier.   

Call and talk to some one now.  888-966-3784

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