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Donít Try to Reason with Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is not something you can talk to. It doesn't listen, reason, or make decisions. It only responds to real, sound, drug free treatment.


Using logic with a drug addict is a waste of time. If you have worked and worked with an addict to show him how he is doing the wrong thing, what is your goal? dreamstime_drinker2.jpg You might get him to say, “Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t be doing this. I need to quit. I see the light.”  Then you feel all proud of yourself and he leaves and goes right out to use again. For anyone who isn’t addicted it is hard to realize that drug addicts are not working on logic. His problem is not what you think it is.


Or, you could show them all the scary photos in the world of junkies and tweakers and pot-heads, take the shock and awe route. You might even impress them a bit. Then they will go right out and use drugs again, just as soon as they’re out of sight. At best it will take a day before they’re back at it.


There is an old trick of drug addicts to “suddenly see the light” and start to agree with everything you’re telling them. It often includes tears and hugs and plenty of thanks for helping them get through the dark times. Don’t buy that line! Remember, even if the addict feels sincere at the moment, you haven’t really changed anything. Very few addicted persons will be able to abstain for any length of time without treatment.


Addiction is real and has real causes and only real solutions will overcome it.


What the addict needs is treatment. Good, quality treatment that doesn’t simply replace the drug to which they are addicted with another, often more addictive, drug.


When reasoning with the person, it should be understood from the first, the only goal is to get them into treatment as soon as possible. You don’t have to tell them that, but know it yourself and don’t waver.


If you can get the addicted person the really see the danger they are in, that their life and the lives of all around are being hurt, and that getting serious NOW is the only way out, you might be able to get his or her butt into a good, drug-free, long-term detox rehab center and save a life.


This gives you the greatest chances of retrieving your loved one and putting the whole drug addiction nightmare behind you.


Tony Bylsma

Drug Independence

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