From Graduates of Our Programs:

"I am clean. I never imagined actually knowing I wouldn’t use drugs again."


The Importance of Getting Detox Rehab Treatment NOW

With drug or alcohol addiction, every day that passes while the addict keeps using makes their recovery longer and more difficult. Waiting only prolongs the inevitable.

VIDEO---Detox For Meth and Meth Cops in Utah

Watch this video about our detox!

Welcome to Independence From Drugs

Father and Son


At our centers we treat the whole individual.

Any treatment plan that doesn’t address BOTH the physical and mental problems connected with drug dependence is just not going to be as effective.


Likewise, any treatment that uses substitute drugs as a solution is not creating a drug dependence free, self sufficient individual. 

We provide service from the moment you call. If intervention is needed, we’ll send a caring and experienced professional to the scene. If needed, a fast medical withdrawal can be the first step to recovery and achieving independence for physical drug dependence as well as the psychological dependence to drugs or alcohol.


Check Out Our New Relapse Prevention Strategies Section HERE .


Donít Try to Reason with Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not something you can talk to. It doesn't listen, reason, or make decisions. It only responds to real, sound, drug free treatment.
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